Star Trek Legacy, both Bethesada and Mad Doc hoped that this game to be a resurgance of the star trek gaming franchise

User Rating: 2.5 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
after a 4 year absence of any new star trek games. Well where to start about this game. If this release was just for the Xbox 360 then it might have lived up to its hype. But as a PC game this game has some very serious flaws. So Where to start...

The Good...The graphics are acceptable, menus once you are able to access them are very overly simplified. Back ground music is ok

The Bad... Sounds: voices seem to be very mumbled, controls are really design to be used on a gaming pad and do not play very well as a keyboard overly uses certain keys like the "F" key, for example if you wanted to scan a planet you will need to place your cross-hair on the object press and hold the "F" key then mouse over to the scan icon and click on it.

The the tactical map its almost impossible to use with a mouse to select destinations or other things because the mouse moves in huge leaps and is overly sensitive to movements to include small ones.

What i have stated here are only a few things about the game that I like and found wrong....This game was totally designed as a console game and then was attempted to be converted into a PC game, using game console commands. The programmers did not even try to take advantage of a pc and its many capabilities. The game is really a total failure as a PC Game. If the programmers and developers took the time to properly develop this as a PC game first and then convert it to a console game it might have been a better game for all. I will predict that as a XBOX title it will do the star trek franchise justice....But as a PC title is just another disappointment in a long line of failed star trek titles.