A solid Star Trek game with a few shortcomings

User Rating: 8.4 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
I'm not totally sure as to why there have been many negative user reviews on this game. Sure the controls take about an hour to grasp, and the game has a few rough patches, but for the most part this is the best Trek game I've played, and one of the better games I've played this year. Graphics: The ship models are beautiful with strong Post/HDR lighting effects and a nice amount of high resolution textures. The ship explosions are colorful, but the spacestation explosions look downright cheap looking. This could have been done a lot better. The backgrounds vary between very pretty and kinda on the ugly side. Again, that could have been done better, but I feel the high level of detail the starships have outweighs any of the "lesser" graphics.

The voice acting feels straight from the show, minus the support actors (which are kind of... uh... B-quality... but tolerable.). The sound effects are well done and feel right at home in the Trek universe. The music is simply wonderful. it sets the mood of the game quite nicely. Controls:
This game does take some getting used to with regard to the controls. It's not impossible, but give it time. It will become second nature.

Gameplay: The ship-to-ship combat is every Trekkie's wet dream. Not only is it exciting to watch from a cinematic standpoint, but it does take a fair amount of tactics to win the battle. Enemy ships are crafty, and will attempt to out maneuver you to get a better firing arch. But obviously, you do the same to them. Its nice to play against decent A.I. for a change. Also the missions and story are fairly good, if not totally original. Play it for the combat. This is a combat simulator of sorts afterall.

How did it run?
Although the onbox requirements made my eyes bug out (2.66ghz P4 or better, 128mb GPU, 512mb RAM, 5 GB free HDD space), the game ran smooth with setting maxed out (1280x1024, 4xAA, Very high details) on my AMD Opteron 165 based system (duel cores @ 2.75ghz each) w/ a 7900 GTO (700mhz core clock/1600mhz memory clock) and 2GB PC4000 memory (for non-techies, this is a solid and fairly affordable computer at the time of this writing) I would imagine that this game would run well on computers close to the minimum specs for the game if the Anti-alising quality is turned down. Overall, it seems to be a well programed game from a technical standpoint.

PROS: Strong ship-to-ship combat, breathtaking ship models, fantastic music, voice actors from the series.

Controls take time to get used to, game design feels unorginal, explosion effects (of space stations) are poor quality, supporting voice acting is of low quality.

The Bottom Line: A Godsend for Trek fans, and interesting combat sim for non-Trekkies. Minus the issues as stated above, this comes as recommended to anybody who is intrested in games involving space battles.