Another Disappointment for Trek Fans

User Rating: 4.5 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
I was really excited for this game. All five captains. All three eras. Pretty much every ship you could ever want. (Well, except for Dominion and Cardassian ships, but I'm not going there right now...) Supposedly brand new state of the art graphics. Multiplayer.

Maybe all of those things would be good, if they actually worked. First off, the gameplay controls for PC are awful. Why simply moving the mouse should unlock the camera from your target is beyond me, especially when the mouse is the most convenient way to control your weapons and speed. The space-bar targeting doesn't work most of the time, and the "F" button targeting, while it works okay, is annoying because it's also a "go-to" command. Furthermore, playing as the Borg is a nightmare with the free wheeling camera, because you can never tell if what direction you're moving in, or where you should turn. (Yes, I know that is partly because they have geometric shapes as ships--but without the free-camera movement, it would be easy to keep the camera locked "behind you" or on target, one or the other.)

The other huge let down is how terribly buggy this game is. I still haven't completed even the second campaign mission because it has crashed four out of five times I've tried. (And yes, my computer meets all the game requirements.) Multiplayer games aren't really listed--there is a list of them, but they all always say 1/4 players are in the room, and games that have already launced or are already full still are listed the same way. You get no information on the game list screen as to what the settings for a particular multiplayer match are going to be either. Gameplay on multiplayer is terribly lagged, even when all four players are on high speed connections. The nebulas and other graphical goodies perhaps just slow the thing down too much?

All in all, a big disappointment. I'm sad that such fine actors like Avery Brooks, Patrick Steward and Kate Mulgrew, and good guys like Shatner and Bakula will forever have to be associated with this unfinished, hurried, utterly disappointing game.