Wonky arcade-style controls ruin an otherwise attractive PC game.

User Rating: 5.7 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
Having played such great Star Trek licensed games as the Star Fleet Commands and Bridge Commander, I naturally had my expectations set rather high as I finally decided to purchase this game. I failed to account for the cross-platformality of this particular title, however, and should have realized that Legacy would lean heavily towards arcade-style action rather than starship simulation.

As the game began, I was struck by the beauty and detail of the starship models and space environments. My appreciation was cut short, however, as the first cutscene ended and I began to captain my first vessel. I could find no way to lock onto targets or waypoints in any sort of permanent fashion, nor could I command the ship to follow a target or maintain distance. The command scheme is purely WASD, and is very wonky considering that the game tries to impart of a sense of the massive scale of the starships by making the vessels turn very slowly.

The first instance of combat was a messy affair, as I tried to keep the target in my vessel's firing-arc using both mouse and keyboard. The entire combat involved no more strategy than turning the vessel and pushing my mouse button whenever the phaser capactor was full. This control scheme was mastered in Star Fleet Academy, years ago, but at least that game had silly live-action moments of drama. I also had an extremely difficult time managing my "fleet" when more vessels were added to my command: unless enemies were actively attacking them, they would just go in a straight line. I couldn't even order them to "Follow me" or "Cover me." I had to actively fly them into areas of combat,

The voice acting is great, the sound effects are great, the visuals are awesome, but, at least for me, these do not outway my displeasure with the controls and the overall lack of tactical depth. Mashing buttons and Star Trek just don't mix. As I look to the right, I see that the "similar games" listed are Starfleet Command 3, Bridge Commander, and Independence War 2. This is unbelievably false; games similar to Star Trek Legacy are Starfleet Academy and Mechwarrior.

Giant starships do not mix well with arcade action. If I wanted arcade action in space I would play Star Wars Alliance or Tie Fighter or Wing Commander.

Certainly people are going to enjoy this game and disagree with me. I just wanted to take a moment to state, overall, that I have been playing computer games for a long time. I have played some revolutionary games, and I invariably judge all new games against the great ones. Star Trek Legacy falls short, and I regret purchasing it.