A kinder gentler reviewer

User Rating: 7.3 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
As I read through all the current reviews I am surprised that people keep complaining that this isn't "Star Fleet Battles." As an older game player, I remember well, the good old TT SFB days unrolling my hex grid and painting my lead based ships. Later on I really enjoyed the SFC Computer games.

I think the gamers that refer to this game as being "Arcadeā€ like are right on the money. However, why does this have to be a bad thing??? I have put in about 4 hours in the game so far and am about half way through the Kirk era. I find the "tactical" nature of the game mildly interesting... mostly it involves using the tactical map to throw you crap into specific areas and then taking control of key vessels. AI is acceptable except for is not handling damage control. I think of this as a feature making me keep my eye on my fleet. When a ship is heavily damaged... I pull it back for repairs and then have to rethink my coverage in the current battle. I do which there was a better way to assign commands to ships in my fleet.

As far as ship effects, I thing the shield/photon/phaser effects are OK. They could have done more with them, but they are reasonable. Explosion effects on large objects are OK but debris is awful. Repair effects are still screwed up a bit. Sound is about what I expect out of any Trek product... some good, some bad, some really campy. (Which is OK in my Trek book)
Ship modeling is top notch and they got the "naval" style of battle pretty close. A little more cumbersome movement would have been a nice touch.

My feeling is that this game was "designed" to be fun to play and not some epic strategy game. I think the reviewers that are bashing the heck out of it for not being an epic strategy game are off the mark, or wanted this game to be something that it wasn't designed to be. I would always recommend playing a game before buying it so shame on anyone that is **** about loosing their 40 bucks. Some stores like EB Games will let you return the product. Take em up on it. (At least they used to... haven't checked in a while.)

Over all I think this is a half way decent "fun" game. It doesn't break any ground but tells a good story and is entertaining.

Long live Battlestar Galactica!