Shame on Mad Doc, A shame to the Star Trek Franchise, Shame for all of the trek fans who wasted 40 bucks.

User Rating: 2.8 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
So bug ridden and so nasty you'll want to wash your mouth out from the bad taste.
This game has everything going for it, 5 captains, eras spanning star treks history, and one destiny... down the toilet. After seeing video reviews of the Mad Doc himself talking up how great this game was. I am certain that he actually had no idea what was going on with this project. I mean, if he did, he wouldn't have put his companies name on the box. It really feels like another nail in the coffin for the Trek franchise. The graphics and ship selection as well as some of the voice acting are about all that save this game.

At best this is an Arcade like port meant for the Xbox, not the hard core RTS fans had been anticipating. With no ability to customise your ships shields, engines or even weapons load outs like the "star fleet command" series, Legacy takes a giant leap back to A, B, C arcade action. I mean you would have more difficulty strategising your way out of a wet paper bag. Customising the ships is a major part of the enjoyment in this kind of game. Testing out new builds etc etc.

The control structure reaks of console with little thought for PC users. I have a 90 buck joystick sitting gathering dust with this game. The lack of user ability to control this game makes handling ships feel like you are driving a bulldozer in reverse with to rear vision mirror.

No custom keys... it makes R.T.S mean a whole new thing... think Really Thin Strategy. or Return To Store.

The list of gripes can go on. Read other posts. the word buggy springs to mind. This game had the ingredients for brilliance, and failed horribly in the creation. I feel utterly disappointed, betrayed, and ripped off. 40$ could have been better spent saving the planet from the pollution created from creating the DVD materials and countless energy wasted on this game.

Well congratulations Mad Doc, you managed to take a potentially amazing game and franchise and drag it backwards through the mud kicking and screaming. On the bright side.. you released before Christmas. Did that make the Execs and share holders happy?....