Wrong Decade The new Star Trek game is obviously in the wrong decade.

User Rating: 3 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
I will say that I looked forward to a great game here. The hype of videos and screen shots made me break one of my video game buying rules which is wait for the reviews to save 40 bucks. Read the other players' reviews to get the whole story here. Impossible to control ships make completing any mission annoying. Not real group commands as promised in the manual. The lasers come from the ship and no visible phase cannon. The planets are big balls in the way of objectives. Only FOUR (4) ships can be controlled at a time. I mean does that really count as a fleet? When your ship is damage and repaired, it remains the same on graphics. I just hope that one day someone spends 40 bucks to warn me not to buy a game. SOL until STO.