This is a port of a poor X-Box game. That's about all you really need to know.

User Rating: 4.1 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
Controls- Okay, first things first. This is an X-Box game that was ported to the PC. It's controls assume you have an x-box controller, and almost punish you for trying to use a keyboard/mouse. An example? Directional Control is handled by "WASD", while targeting is handled by the "Spacebar". However, Spacebar + "WASD" = commands to your fleet. So if you want to target something, you have to stop maneuvering. Plus, it doesn't seem to handle multiple keys being pressed unless they are a pre-configured command - if you want to shoot something using the keyboard, you have to stop maneuvering. The interface is, simply, horrid for a PC game. You can't hotkey anything. You can't easily select anything. Basically, it's hard to control much of anything. In this day and age having unmapable controls is just plain lazy, sloppy, and inexcusable.

AI - The computer AI is fairly decent in picking targets and handling blowing things up on it's own. However, you'll find yourself popping back to the map to pull one of your ships out of combat to save it before it gets blasted to bits just about every fight. Also, the AI can only handle blowing stuff up. You can't order them to do anything else. If you need something tractored, you have to take control of the ship and do that. Need to send over an away team? Take control of the ship. Need to beam over supplies? Yup, you take command. Now, while this might not seem to be a huge deal, there are several missions where you need to have multiple ships doing something non-destructive at the same time I lost one particular mission 3 times because the AI kept blasting the things I was trying to use to complete the mission!

Graphics- They've done a really nice job modeling the ships in the game. They look very good - until they get shot. Damage, for the most part is handled pretty well... you can blow bits off, phasers leave scorch marks along the hull of your target, torpedoes blow bits out of your hull when they impact, your ships will burn and smoke as they get more and more damaged, even the ship breakup animations are done well (I love watching federation ships spin and break apart!). It's also not handled well... damage can punch holes in the model that the damage system can't deal with... many times I've been able to look through my ship, or had my ships skin turn inside out because the damage system couldn't quite figure out how to paint up my ship. Overall, they've done a nice job - it's just little details and lack of polish that hold them back.

Sound - So the sounds from the game seem to be a muttled mix of samples from the various series. Phasers, engines, torpedoes, all sound fairly decent, but really lack depth to make them tangible. The voice acting for the main characters is as you would expect from the actors who play the parts - and as always Shatner. Talks. Like. Normal. The big problem is that the rest of the voice work, and there's plenty, sounds a bit hollow in comparison. Granted, I can somewhat understand that maybe after you've said "[Ship Name Here] ready for orders" 30 times, you can fall into a bit of a vocal rut. On the bright side of that rut is the fact that each ship class comes with multiple names, which are all actually used in the voice work, so your 2 Apollo class ships actually will call themselves something different. It's a nice touch, actually that shows someone was paying attention. However, it's things like this that really make the rest that much more disappointing.

Game Flow - Oh dear this is the 2nd worst part about the game. Cut scenes.... dear god do they love cut scenes! Start a mission - 2 minute cut scene - fly upto something - 30 second cut scene - finish an objective (say, blow up a target, while you're still in a fight) - 30 second cut scene. The game constantly interrupts you with them. Luckily, it actually pauses the game, so you don't get blown up during the cut scene, but we could use a little less of them. Other events inside the game are handled just as poorly. Events can overplay each other - more than once I've had 2 voice overs running at the same time trying to describe 2 things that just happened. Archer's trying to expound on the nature of life, giving away the secret of the universe and I can't understand him because the game is also playing the sound file telling me that my away team has captured the starbase. Again, the game just lacks polish.

Summary - I can only hope that Mad Doc reads this, and the other postings that I'm sure are streaming out onto the net at this point and feels embarrassed enough actually take the time to address these issues. Give us mappable keys at least :-) Activision got rid of the trek license because well, the world was a bit Trek'd out and the series had lost it's luster. It's been a few years, and most of us have been waiting for the next great trek game. Unfortunately, we get to keep waiting. Trek Games, just like the series, have lost their magic.