Serious Letdown... good outside graphics and really crappy damage textures. cant blow stuff off ships either.. sigh

User Rating: 4.3 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
No ability to blow parts of ships off
outside textures looks great, the second you cause any damage, you will get really cheezy looking spirites showing damage and REALLY bad damage textures, kinda like from Klingon Academy... and that was 10 years ago. The controls just plain suck
the manual incorrectly states what buttons do what
you cant collide with planets
you cant collide with other ships
you cant tractor hostile ships
you cant force enemy ships into a planet
the nebulas are a joke, they serve no tactical function other than to annoy you and cause your cpu to crash cause they put too much misc crap in nebulas causing comps to slow down too much
the cinema is choppy
did I mention you cant blow stuff off ships
cant randomly fire weapons
cant attack neutral targets or structures
the squad commands blow
usually your squad ship hangs back while you give the order to engage an enemy and you dont notice until you get blow to bits by 4 or 6 enemy ships
torpedos bypass shields... rofl since when
most of the time when you destroy a enemy ship, its shields are still up........
the mechanism used to aim torpedos is FUBAR

good things
its highly modable, maybe some guy will fix the stupid game for bethesda
you dont need a cd to play
no serial numbers
quick install
uninstalls very fast too :P