Starfleet Command, this ain't. Spend the money on any of those games. Trust me, you'll be happier.

User Rating: 3.3 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
Let us get straight to the point. I bought Legacy in the hopes that it would the next Star Fleet Command, or some equivalent. I was expecting starship combat, where I could control my starships with some level of precision or strategic depth. Power, damage control, maneuvering, etc. At the very least, I hoped for an experience similar to Bridge Commander's level of control. Instead, what we have here is a poorly designed, clumsy Xbox 360 port. This is an arcade shoot 'em up with a thin coat of Star Trek. For the older gamers in the room, I invoke the name "Star Fleet Academy". For the rest of you, read on, and prepare to weep. The control scheme is obviously more at home on a gamepad, with a quick change in button assignments to work on a keyboard and mouse. It is awful, plain and simple. There is no sense of strategy, besides circling your enemy, and clicking the mouse (left mouse button for phasers, right for torpedoes). There is no sense at all that anything you do effects the battle. You are a button pusher. Point your ships in the right direction, and starting clicking. Your view of the battle is tied to the ships. Not in the cinematic way that Star Fleet Command is… you're stuck with the ship filling up your screen, and the ability to orbit the camera around it. Strategic view? Sure, hit TAB, and look at the tactical map. Of course, using that to play is just painful, because the mouse doesn't actually move the mouse pointer. Remember, this is a console port. Therefore, moving the mouse slowly moves the entire map. The graphics are dated, the sound is terrible, and the voice acting is embarrassing. Really though, it all comes back to the "feel" of a Star Trek combat simulator. This isn't one. Not even close. It's an arcade shooter designed for platform gamers. If you want real Star Trek, go find a copy of Star Fleet Command III, Bridge Commander, or heck, for that matter even Dominion Wars. DW isn't any more complex than Legacy, but at least it's nice to look at. I just threw away $40. Please, please, save yourself the money.