The game feels paced a lot like Klingon Academy with the strategy of Bridge commander.

User Rating: 7.2 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
I've spent about an hour with the game so far. I've played thru a few skirmish battles and started in on the campaign. Playing the game on a dual core 2.4ghz dell laptop with the crappy Nvidia Quadro 512 videocard. I can bump all of the detail up to high but I have to play the game at 800x600 on the laptop. I also had to turn the AA down all the way before the menus were usable. there is not a lot of configuration changes you can do and there are definitally macros that are not described in the manual. I was disapointed with the keyboard commands. if you try to play without a mouse you will quickly find out that you can only have 2 keys pressed at one time. This meant usually that I would have to stop manuevering in order to fire the weapons. It really works better if you just use the mouse to fire the weapons though. I'm trying to get used to the interface but there is still a lot I don't understand about what all the displays are trying to tell me. I'll get used to it with time. Graphically things look pretty decent considering how crappy my laptop is playing it. I can't wait to get it home and check it out on my main pc. The only thing that is really kind of upsetting to me about the graphics is the damage modeling and the debris that is created is all very generic once you destroy something. The debris just looks bad and I seriously doubt that will get much better. It looks no better than Klingon Academy.

Sound wise it's good. I've only heard Archer so far in the campaign but it was pretty convincing. The other guy he talks to is pretty bad though. I'm having a good time with it so far but I don't think it's everything I was hoping for