This is a great game and I love it but it needed a lot more work before launch.

User Rating: 9 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
The Good: Amazing graphics, voices of all five captains, in depth story.

The Bad: Poor mission design, clumsy controls, bad camera, enterprise era doesn't align with the enterprise era.

Well this game wasn't worth every cent but I like this game better than Star Trek: Bridge Commander even though there's no bridge view. I'm amazed with the graphics, I've never scene such sharp graphics in a Star Trek game before and that's a good thing but if you look at a nebula from a long distance it looks like sandpaper. Story! Wow! What a great story. Now poor mission design, I think they designed the missions a little to hard because I'm stuck at this one mission where you have to do a area sensor sweep and you're controlling this Klingon bird of prey with an advanced cloaking device and I keep failing each time because the bird of prey's hull is the equivalent of paper, it's to thin! When you're controlling the ships they are so hard to control because when you're in battle you can never align your firing arcs at the enemy without missing each time. Make a sequel, make it better!