A game that tries to go where no man has gone before but fails in many ways.

User Rating: 6.5 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
Over the years i have waited and waited for the ultimate Star Trek game to be released. A game that includes action, drama and the overall charm from the movies and shows. This game is sadly not that. Unfortunetly, only a few have. Star Trek Elite Force (I and II), The Fallen, Bridge Commmander etc. are some of the select few. Legacy starts out with an unclear storyline, EXTREMEMLY frustrating controls and squad management controls. You find yourself staring off into space (pardon the pun) many times just thinking about how much money you wasted by reserving it.

Although the game has down sides it also has good sides as well. it has all orginal voice acting from the starship captains over the years,great ship models and damage effects, and fairly desent maps. Sadly this is not enough to fix the mess that bethesda made out of this game's potential.

Graphics-8 Good ship models and damage effects.
Sound-6 fairly decent sounds and voice acting.
gameplay-4 Frustrating controls. pretty pathetic missions.