A fairly fun game, though likely not in the sense the developers likely wanted.

User Rating: 8 | Star Trek: Legacy X360
As a fairly new Trekkie (brought into it by John Di Lancie 'NOT' the new movies). I saw this title at my local library and decided to give it a shot.

While I wasn't expecting much, I was pleasantly surprised by what I had seen.

I played a few hours of campaign mode, and while it was entertaining. It was a little slow paced, and at times too difficult for "my" tastes. It reminded me heavily of Homeworlds campain mode (which is FAR from a bad thing to remind me of).

So where did I find the most enjoyment? Well, to compare to Homeworld yet again... in Skirmish mode. Skirmish mode allowed you to set up your own fleets to engage in brief matches. For you newer gamers, a lot like Star Wars: Empire at War. Again, NOT a bad thing to be compared to.

The voice acting in the game was great, the storyline was a tad dull though, but was hardly boring enough to ruin the fun. Graphics, though feeling a 'tad' dated, weren't noticeably bad and made for a comfortable gaming experience.

If you're a fan of real time ship combat, this games with the best. It's also the ONLY title I've seen, that lets you control your ship manually. Which makes for a unique experience. Perfect for any Trekkie, or RTS fan!