All the gut's and glory of Star Trek with the command of all captains.

User Rating: 7.5 | Star Trek: Legacy X360
I am a big Trek fan and enjoy nearly all the games with the star trek name that come along with the exception of new worlds.

Yes it is nothing new in star trek legacy as it has been done before with star trek starfleet command (empiers at war was best)but being able to play as (Archer,Kirk,Picard,Sisco and Janeway) is a new idea. the controls are all over the place and the ships do not follow your orders (assuming you can work out how to order them) but the story gets more interesting as you go and the fact you get to blow up other ships is fun.

The vocie overs are great with all the captains doing there characters but there could be more depth.

It does not offer much new except the playable captains but for a trek fan who just like to control ships no matter how painfully awkward they will enjoy.