Star Trek Legacy is a game that diserves a full 7even & its made especially for fans due to the well put storyline !

User Rating: 7 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
The game has a superb campain that fits between every Star Trek series & movies with the voice acting from the most important actors like Patrick Stewart & keeps you intrgued till the end ! The gameplay is fun but yes it feels incomplete ...but non the less tactical & its fun to control the Enterprise or the Borg cube or the romulan/klingon ships .... you some sense you will feel like in a movie but as you go un it can become repetitive !
The graphics & sound are just perfect most of the sound effects are taken right from the movies so that you will have an immersive feeling + the ship models look spectacular & as they go intro battle they wiill show signs of damage !
Being a Star Trek fan i find the game to be very pleasent its up to you to decice for yor self !!!!!