Greatness within grasp but Mad Doc falls short!

User Rating: 6.9 | Star Trek: Legacy X360
WOW. That's what I said about 20 minutes into the game. Not "wow" like, "This is awesome", it was "Wow, just a few fixes and this could be a lot better." I think if Mad Doc had done some review and research before production, this could have been a wonderful addition to the Star Trek library of games. Especially when I look at games like Oblivion that are seemingly endless and huge with so many details and options.. It frustrates me that with the power of the 360, it seems that Mad Doc utilizes SNES style features. Here's a list of issues I had with the game:

1. Where are the fleet commands? There is damn near no way to direct the other 3 ships under your command. "Move" and "Attack" are IT. Where is the Guard command? Where is the Patrol or Waypoint option? Why can I not set the ships' mode such as aggressive or defensive? Why can I not set my own formations to optimize my fleet's capabilities?

2. When did space lose a dimension? The strategic map is 2-D. What? Are you serious, Mad Doc? What if I want to position my ship above a target and then dive down to avoid the enemy firing arcs? I have to drive the ship there myself while neglecting the rest of my fleet and losing initiative. This is also a factor in the use of tactical options that you have; such as hitting an enemy from several different axis in order to disorient them.

3. Pre-mission ship purchasing. This is relatively minor but it would have been nice to receive the mission brief prior to purchasing my ships. That way I don't end up with a battleship trying to chase down a barely slower moving asteroid or a destroyer chest-bumping with a Borg cube.

4. Since when does a 23rd century space vessel handle like a 1971 Pontiac? I expected the handling physics to be a bit more precise. I also cannot perform a complete roll or flip. What gives, Mad Doc? Do you not think I'm capable of performing these "complex" acrobatics? Did the code for those maneuvers cost extra? The handling was reminiscent of Top Gun for original NES, I'm not even joking. Shame on you Mad Doc.

5. Does Mad Doc know that servers are cheap and you can hire software engineers for cheap in India? No and No apparently. This was the worst multiplayer I have ever seen. Only Death Match and Coop Wave? Where's the Coop story? Wouldn't it be great to share the burden on the asteroid mission? Or to shred the Borg on the last mission with a buddy? Maybe you could even play as the Romulan or Klingons on the last mission since the ship profiles are already loaded on the game! Also, the server was terribly bug-ridden when I tried to play. I timed out of 2 sessions within 10 minutes and had to reset my 360 both times.

All in all, it just seemed to me that Mad Doc disrespected the project they were given. It would be an honor to be able to create a Star Trek game, given the history and success that the TV and Movie series have had along with the IMMENSE international following. I am disappointed with the product, but will play it regardless because its all we have so far on 360.