Star Trek: Elite Force II Cheats For PC

  1. Unlocking all secrets in EF 2

    For those of you who would like to see all the secrets without having found all of the golden starships, you can simply modify one file to get instant access.

    Go to the folder where you installed Elite Force 2. Under that there should be another folder called ''base''.

    In there search for your player *.cfg file (most likely the name of the user who is logged into the computer (e.g., myname.cfg).

    1. Open this file using Wordpad or Notepad.
    2. Search for a line containing ''seta g_secretCount''
    3. Enter the number 70 between the quotes '''' (the line should look like:

    seta g_secretCount ''70''

    You will now have instant access to all secrets.

    Contributed by: ryamka 

  2. Post Game Secret Levels

    After finishing the game, a secrets and a credits section will be added to the main menu. The Secrets section has 6 extra levels to enjoy and are unlocked depending on how many Golden Starships you found in the game. The levels are as follows:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Collect 70 Golden Starships Character Model Gallery
    Collect 45 Golden Starships Concept Art Gallery
    Collect 60 Golden Starships Holodeck - Alien Cloning Facility
    Collect 20 Golden Starships Holodeck - Shuttle Shootdown
    Collect 10 Golden Starships Holodeck - Swamp Cabin
    Collect 35 Golden Starships Shooter minigame with Korban

    Contributed by: FireBrand 

  3. Console Codes

    To enable the cheats, right click on the Elite Force 2 shortcut and add the following to the end of the target:

    +set ui_console 1 +set_cheats 1

    The target should now be something like:

    ''C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\EF2.exe'' +set ui_console 1 +set cheats 1

    When you enter the game, press the ~ key (the key above TAB) to bring down the console. Enter the following cheats for the desired effect:

    Effect Effect
    kill Commit suicide
    demo Demo mode
    inventory Displays inventory
    meminfo Displays memory information
    notarget Enemies can't see you
    freeze Freezes game
    give all Get all weapons
    give [name] Get indicated item
    give all ammo Gives All Ammo
    health (number) Gives you lots of health. (1-9999)
    god Infinite Health and Ammo
    kick [player/bot name] Kicks player/bot
    maplist Lists all maps
    modellist Lists models
    skinlist Lists skins
    devmap [mp map name] Loads indicated map
    playsong Plays game music
    quit Quit game
    record Records game
    rcon Remote console commane for server
    reset Resets game
    shaderlist Shows shaders
    taunt [1 or 2] Taunts in multiplayer
    noclip Walk through walls

    Contributed by: eli0918, deathwarmedup, gambit9831, kingbinary 

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