Star Trek: Armada II Cheats For PC

  1. All Missions

    Open ART_CFG.h in notepad and change the line int GIVE_ALL_MISSIONS = 0; to int GIVE_ALL_MISSIONS = 1;

    Note: you should backup the file first

    Contributed by: dogbert2000ca 

  2. No damage to your ships in one player mode

    Open RTS_CFG.h in a text editor such as Word or Wordpad. You may have to change its properties from read-only to normal first.
    Find the lines:

    float EASY_DAMAGE = 0.5;
    float HARD_DAMAGE = 2.0;

    and change them to:

    float EASY_DAMAGE = 0.0;
    float HARD_DAMAGE = 0.0;

    Then save the file.

    Now in the game change the difficulty to hard or easy and your ships won't take any damage.

    This only works in single player missions. Not skirmish.

    Contributed by: newtekie1 

  3. More officers

    With a text Editor open RTS_CFG.h and locate this string of text.

    // UI Limits for each resource
    int MAX_DILITHIUM = 999999;
    int MAX_CREW = 99999;
    int MAX_LATINUM = 99999;
    int MAX_METAL = 999999;
    int MAX_OFFICERS = 999;

    Now you see where it says 999? add and extra 9 to it and you'll be able to have 9999 officers to use to your disposal! Very handy for creating large fleets!

    Contributed by: TrunksTheMighty1 

  4. Ship, weapon, other ODF's

    Locate the ODF folder, then go into each subfolder listed (i.e. Ships, Weapons). Convert all of the ODF's to WordPad, and unlock the 'read-only' status in properties. Scroll down each ODF you want to change (i.e. fedbattle.odf), and open it. BE VERY CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU CHANGE! Locate the 'cost to build' lines, and set all to 0. This means that you'll get ships for free. Locate 'ship build time', and set to 1.0. Example: Soveriegn Class, 0 cost to build, new ship in one second. You could have 120 ships in two minutes, all for free.

    Now for weapons, this is trickier . . .

    The ODF's to change say: **phasero.odf. Similar in the torpedo's folder. Here you can change the rate of fire, as well as weapon strength.

    In some of the other ODF folders are the Shipyards, Starbases, stations, Ferengi count (for trading), and the like.

    JUST BE VERY CAREFUL OF WHAT IS CHANGED! So far, the modifications work for me . . .

    Contributed by: Jim Ohki 

  5. Ultimate sensors

    Note: This trick involves editing a file. Please backup the files before editing

    If you want your Sensor Arrays to view the entire map, as well as eliminating any 'fog of war', do the following:
    -Look for a file called, 'fsensor.odf' in the odf\stations folder wherever you installed Armada 2 (default is C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\odf\stations).
    -Open the file (if Windows asks, use notepad).
    -Scroll down to about the 36th line. It should say something like rangeScan = .
    -Change the value to about 32000.0f
    -Save the file (if you get an error, right click on fsensor.odf using windows explorer and uncheck the box that says 'read-only' and click apply).
    -Start the game as the Federation and build a Sensor Array. You should now see the entire map, as well as eliminate the fog of war which will allow you to always see what's happening.

    If you want to give the Klingons this advantage, edit the file ksensor.odf and bsensor.odf for the Borg.

    Contributed by: SG81 

  6. Better Transporters

    This makes the standard transporters uo to 10 times as fast!

    Use a text editor to edit the "rts_cfg.h" file in the game directory.
    Change the value in the"TRANSPORTER_MAX = 5" line to a higher number to transport more people.

    Contributed by: wfiend 

  7. Cheat Codes

    Press enter and type in the following:

    Effect Effect
    screwyouguysimgoinghome Brings up the Boot List in Multiplayer
    phonehome Chat list in multiplayer
    nomoreships Enemy's science ships disappear
    imouttastepwithreality Enter Gamma Quadrant
    avoidance Faster Crew Production
    youstopmecold Faster Ship Production
    canofwhoopass Increase ship AI
    kobayashimaru_lost Lose Current Mission
    showmethemoney More Dilithium
    kobayashimaru Win Current Mission

    Contributed by: TrunksTheMighty1, eli0918, Lagoona, bobbittle 

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