Great iteration of the NES classic.

User Rating: 8 | Star Ocean: First Departure PSP
The graphics still do stand up as a testament that 2D sprites never grow old. The gameplay is a total revamp using the same design from the Playstation One sequel star ocean: second story (which is a MUST play for any of you who love rpgs).

Length wise the game shouldn't take you long to reach the final dungeon. 12 hours for people who rush and around 18 to 20 with a little bit of leeway for those of you who like to to sidequests. There aren't a lot of sidequests game wise but replayability there is a lot.

You can replay the game trying to get the different endings with different characters, but for most people (including myself) just once is enough. Although, that is up to you.

Overall the game is pretty good rpg, not one of the best but an awesome rpg addition for those of you psp owners. If you can get it for cheap on ebay or then by all means do so, because this game is what started the star ocean saga and you wouldn't want to miss out on the pioneering game of the series.