Great Cutscene animation, yet there seems to not be enough. Good Story. Game play is a bit dull and skills are confusing

User Rating: 8 | Star Ocean: First Departure PSP
Let's talk about Star Ocean: First Departure. First, First Departure is the remake of Star Ocean, which was only released in Japan. Unlike the original, this one was also released in North America.

Now let's talk about game play, it's a bit dull I have to say. All it really is is pressing the X, L, and R buttons. You only control one character while the other three are controlled by AIs. You can control their tactics though. You can switch characters though. The skill system is a bit confusing. When you get certain skills and you can learn different skill abilities, but you need a combination of skills to make one.

The graphics are nice for a 16-bit game. In the beginning and the ending of the game you can also watch anime cutscenes, which I enjoyed a bit. It felt like they could have done more and spread them out through the game, but they did gave us voice over picture of the characters when they spoke. So it's good if you're not really into reading millions of lines of text. The main characters' voice work was fine, but the minor characters didn't sound too professional usually.

The story over all was a sci-fi meeting fantasy type story. I won't spoil anything about it, but it did seem to drift bit. When the game does seem to end, it doesn't. There's another dungeon you have to go through to beat the game. Over all I did get a little bored and frustrated with the game, but I still enjoyed playing it. I would at least give this a rental before buying it.