Star Ocean Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Oracle Room

    After you have beaten the game, reload your saved game and have somebody use the Oracle specialtiy. You will be sent to a secret area. Each door takes you to a room where you can talk to members of the game's development staff. To exit, take the passage on the lower left or right corner. The lower right corner will take you to the Revorse Tower. The lower left corner will take you to Tatoroy.

    Contributed by: BCD 

  2. Seven Star Ruin

    After beating the final boss of the game, use the oracle skill, and go through the south-west door.
    You\'ll end up in the Tataroy arena. Now go one step up, to arrive in the Seven Star Ruin. This secret dungeon has 30 levels and no save points.
    It contains super hard enemies, and a even harder boss.
    At the bottom is some of the best items in the game.

    Contributed by: ActRaZr 

  3. Invincible characters

    This glitch allows you to make your entire party (except for Ratix) invincible. It works by reducing them to 0 HP outside of battle but not actually killing them. As a result, the game will treat them as still being alive, but not apply the effects of any damage to them.

    One character with either "Rhythmic sense" or "Pitch Sense", but not both, and any music level (higher is faster).
    One character with neither of those talents, and level 1 in music
    Either Guitar song or either Trombone song, and the appropriate instrument.

    Step 1: Decrease everyone's HP to 1. Best way to do this is to use a Guitar song (preferably 2) or a Trombone song (preferably 2) with the first character. You should hear a chirping in the background, and your HP will decrease. Continue doing this until everyone's HP is at 1 (Ratix does not have to be at 1 HP).

    Step 2: Heal Ratix (or at least one character) so that he does not go to 0 HP in the next step.

    Step 3: Have the second character use either Guitar or Trombone song. Everyone's 1 HP will go to zero, but the game will still have their walking sprites. You can neither heal nor revive them now (although you can recover status ailments).

    (This is the glitch)
    Step 4: Enter a fight. The 0-HP characters will still be active and attack...and receive attacks, but the enemy attacks won't ever connect. Milly and Joshua will neither heal nor revive the 0-HP characters. Note that if all 4 characters in the battle reach 0 HP, it is still a game over.

    After the fight, the 0-HP characters will still receive EXP, and they will recover HP and MP due to Stanima (so you have to reset the glitch). But the important part is that they cannot be killed or even touched by any means.

    Contributed by: Silentsword 

  4. Hard Mode

    To make enemies stronger, at the title screen with New Game highlighted, on Control Pad 2, hold down A + B + X + Y + Select + Start, then press Start on Control Pad 1. A voice sample will be heard when entered correctly.

    Contributed by: oblivion from aoc 

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Star Ocean: First Departure Cheats For PSP

  1. Have fun without random encounters

    If you're in a dungeon or cave, you can open the UMD tray, or just take the UMD out, and not have to deal with random encounters. If you're coming up on a boss fight, though, make sure you put it back in before you initiate the battle.

    Contributed by: Crunktastic 

  2. Voice Collection

    Beat the game once to unlock the voices of the characters in your party for all of your saves.

    Contributed by: gamer4life27 

  3. Experience Trick

    Using the Super Specialty Skill Contraband, keep forging materials until you get the Counterfeit Medal. When used on a character, it will reduce the required EXP to 1. The higher the Contraband level, the better chances of producing this item.

    Since it is hard to produce, Replicating it is a viable solution. You'll need a Magic Camera and some Magic Films to attempt to reproduce it. If is advisable to have a maxed out Imitation skill before attempting. Try to create a RIRICA camera through Machinery specialty to increase your replication chances dramatically!

    Note: Do this beside a shop so you can sell Bounced Checks immediately; leaving them in your inventory will eat up your funds until you sell them.

    Contributed by: ZeoKnight 

  4. Easy Fol

    It's easier to do this with a high level Group Appraisal super specialty where you can control the prices of the shops at will.

    Using the Contraband super specialty, keep creating materials until you get Forged Bills, Checks, Stocks, Documents, etc. These can be sold at a really high amount if you Raise the price using the Group Appraisal super specialty. Use this trick to earn millions of fol early in the game.

    Contributed by: ZeoKnight 

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