A game obviously rushed! There could have been much done to improve the overall quality. Sad, since it had potential.

User Rating: 6 | Star Ocean: Till the End of Time PS2
The game had much going for itself. Beautiful graphic, voice over, an interesting story. But sadly it does not live up to expectation. The most annoying thing is that you will often be lost or wondering what to do next, switches that are hard to see and activate (you need to hammer like mad around it until it eventually pick it), you have to click on an open chest to trigger the next event and so on. You can actually reach areas that should only be available later to realise there is nothing to do and having to backtrack. There are dungeons where many rooms have no purpose> The balance between enemy strengh is poor, some boss are easy to beat, whereas normal enemies on the same level are challenging.
The voice acting ain't bad, but the quality is poor, meaning that each voice is played on a different volume, and this is not to reflect character difference, just bad quality. The music range from unmemorable to plain annoying, especially the rock music of some dungeon that will drive you mad pretty soon. The idea to craft item is not so bad, but it leaves too much to luck. The menus are organised like an RPG should, but requires to many clicks to reach information, or is simply not accessible from the meaningful manyes, like equiping weapons. Money is another frustrating aspect, you can make money alright by fighting, but the crafting can really put a quick strain on it for little result and most of your items are worth between 1 to 20 coins, when a simple hearb is in the 100 coins mark. It is quite obvious that the game was rushed and seriously lack the polishing that makes an RPG enjoyable. Still, its story and great graphic might make up for it. But if you have a tight budget for games, pass this one.