This game comes very close to being the most perfect RPG ever.

User Rating: 10 | Star Ocean: Till the End of Time PS2
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, one of tri-Ace's greatest games ever created.

The gameplay involves a 3D real-time battle system. This game takes real-time to a whole different dimension, integrating smooth running and flurry of attacks, while still being able to withstand the graphics and not lag up. Going around the world and continuing the story is very straight-forward as well, though the challenges and puzzles can be a good thinker for those not as used to RPGs and creative fun for those who play RPGs.

The graphics were made amazingly. This game has no super flashy graphics. Why? Because it makes the game more solid all around, showing that the game wasn't built only on graphics. But the character designs, that follow an anime-style, are very well drawn. The town and dungeon designs are smooth and make it look amazing, as if it were flashy, while not being flashy at the same time.

Music is a big factor in this game. Motoi Sakuraba is well, as always, a genius. His works are music in this game are simply amazing. Almost all music in this game can be considered a mix of a variety of genres. For example:

~The Divine Spirit of Language
You can just feel the rock-influenced beats in this one.
~Bitter Dance
Electronic music mixed in with some rap.
~Moody Goddess
A song that takes the form of jazz.

Not to mention, a few songs from Star Ocean: The Second Story and Valkyrie Profile make an appearance.

This game makes it difficult to stop playing. Not only does the battle system suck you in, but the rewards make you want to get as many battle trophies as you can. These battle trophies are goals you achieve in battle, whether it's:
~Defeat 50,000 enemies
~Get to Level 255
~Defeat the Last Boss at Level 1 (The whole trio)
~Moved a Total distance of 42.195 km in Battle
~77,777 Damage
~Win Using Only Battle Skills

Doing so unlocks more things that make you want to get them, including newer outfits to wear in battle, a music test, and higher difficulties.

The story itself is very created and starts out like most great RPGs. Going through wartime, sorrow, revenge, heroism, the plot eventually takes a suprising turn. Play to find out =D

The characters themselves have their own personality and are designed very nicely. Any average RPGer would like appreiciate them, anime fans will love them, and some of the perverted people (you know who you are =P) will like a few certain characters.

This game will make you be playing it over and over Till the End of Time.