Great Gameplay with a story to back it up!

User Rating: 8.6 | Star Ocean: Till the End of Time PS2
Star Ocean, the continuation of the Star Ocean series and is it a great step? Yes! This game included many different styles of gameplay and added something more.

Gameplay is really fun and definite strong points. It's not a hack and slash because of the Fury Guage, which is a great addition and gives gamers a need for strategies! Its cancelling system in the DC version and Item Creation is more than enough to give this game enough points to make it a must in RPGs! The Leveling system is standard except you get Points that you can add HP/MP and the AI's Attack and Defense. You eventualy want to max it but on the way it takes careful allocations. Don't worry, you'll get all the points to max everything!

Graphics in this game aren't phonomenal and wouldn't need to be if it had such a strong gameplay. It's not ugly but it's FMVs made it above average but not exactly amazing! The characters don't look real but they do have a style to them. The spells and skills looks nice and the graphics don't produce lag, which is a must in Real-Time RPGs.

Soundtrack in this game is pretty nice with orchestrated and some original music and they are nicely done. VA is just average. With some great and horrendous voices.

This game will give you MANY hours of gameplay with its unlockable system with the battle trophies which consists of 300 trophies, you'll be playing for 300 or so hours.

The story has many twists and amazing things done to it. A bit cliche but still very strong.

Definitely a buy for a RPG gamer!