This game could've bene awesome in every aspect, deserving like a 9.7, but Square Enix's b**** Tri-Ace fell short.

User Rating: 7.3 | Star Ocean: Till the End of Time PS2
This game had a lot of potential just by playing through the beginning bit at the hotel, but it made three mistakes that made me turn my PS2 off after gettiing near the end and never beating it. The most vital mistake was the plot twist at the end of the game. It's completely RANDOM. It was leading up t o something so much better and then it throws this **** plot twist at you. the actual part leading up to it could've actually carried the game....IF YOU GOT TO VISIT MORE THAN ONE PLANET on the first disc!!! The second disc is considerable shorter even though you get to visit another planet...actually two I think it was. Besides these bad points, if you like a potential game and never beat your rpgs, this is agood one to add to your collection especially for the 20 dollar pricetag now. The gameplay is rather fun, even though it's not too tactical, and the characters are pretty cool and well created. The graphics were very impressive and fit the style of the game. The sound was like any other RPG and had pretty good music and battle effects. For all I know you'd like the plot twist but for me it was too unfitting for what should've been coming and it seemed like they just wanted to cut the game short because they didn't want to take up three DVDs or more. If you do then I'm sure you'll want to play it again. Go pick it up if it's 20 bucks and if you make money or have agood allowance or something.