Nothing new here but fun action/rpg nevertheless

User Rating: 7.5 | Star Ocean: The Last Hope International PS3
Star Ocean is an old school action-rpg in which your some kid trying to save Earth. The story is pretty much the same as Mass Effect except the character models are lame (lol). However that's not to say that this game isn't worth playing.. because the excellent combat will keep you coming back for more!!

Graphics: Sub-par graphics but big open world envirnements
Sound: Nothing special
Story: Generic story line and tons of CG cut scenes
Gameplay: Excellent; you'll never get bored with the battles

Pros: Tons of items to collect, Item creation, 8+ characters to develop, worlds are very open fun to explore, combat is fun

Cons: CG cutscenes sometimes are too long and take you out of the action for long periods of time, I never had enough items to create anything good from item creation, story isn't that interesting, graphics are 'ok'

All in all: Star Ocean is worth playing for the fun combat and character development. Just try not to fall asleep half way through the game where the CG cutscenes span more the 20-25 min. long.