A fun battle system makes the game worthwhile, but that's about all it has.

User Rating: 7 | Star Ocean: The Last Hope X360
When I picked up this game, I was expecting a solid JRPG. Unfortunately, the story and characters of this game aren't all that great. A few are annoying, some completely unbearable. The voice acting is horribly off, and the story is pretty cliched and unimaginative.

There is a redeeming factor to this, however. The game's battle system is very fun, and every character has a different style of play. A lot of variation in weapons, skills, and movement give each character a unique feel, which makes the game easily replayable, not to mention the harder difficulties the game offers.

Even after you complete the main story, you can go back and fight in the Colosseum, or you can tackle 2 difficult bonus dungeons. It gives you something to do after the story, which overall left a bad taste in my mouth.

Overall, this game is pretty good. The flaws are very obvious, but an exciting battle system makes up for them. If you worry about grinding - don't, because throughout my playthrough, it wasn't needed. Worth picking up for its current price if you enjoy real time action RPGs.