Character's voice in English is terrible, it is much better to play the game in Japanese!

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Ocean: The Last Hope International PS3
I got this game as a gift a while ago. When I started playing I was just annoyed by the characters voice so I changed it to Japanese, it made a huge difference. In my opinion the character's voice in English lacked "spirit", it sounded as if the person doing the character's voice was thinking about getting his coffee or that he needed to go to the loo.

Anyway, on to the game, the history is very interesting regarding a stage of human quest for an option to survive. I won't spoil it for you, but in my opinion the character development is OK, however the combat system was interesting. While fighting your opponents, based on the way you strike them or hit them you start building up your "combo" chain. It is a very interesting concept as depending on your "markers" that is what you character would get rewarded with, be it experience, money and other things.

As you progress along the game your character discovers new history elements that makes the game interesting, and little by little you start learning about your team mates and their histories, where they come from and what their "deal" is in this adventure.

One of the game strengths is the freedom it gives you to interact with different characters along your path. There are many different ways to attack your enemies and you will have a blast combining different materials and plants to craft more powerful weapons or "potions" that will have certain effects.

You can also switch and decide to play as the other characters any time you want, each has its own specialty and strengths but also their "weaknesses" so be smart and think ahead of time what you want to do.

The boss fights are entertaining, and here is where the game excels, you can unleash a plethora of attacks that combined with the ones of the other characters are devastating, however some bosses are tough as coffin nails and will challenge you for a good fight.

The problem I had with the game was that sometimes, and this is my opinion, the enemy seemed somewhat too "repetitive". By this I mean that the developer could have add some more "variety" to the times in between "boss-fights" and make their "minions" a bit more intelligent.

There is also a "training" mode you can access anytime to learn new combat mechanics or polish the ones you already know. You can also navigate and move or roam freely inside your ship and interact with different characters. It is definitively worth it to go to the ship science lab and explore all the crazy things you can do, the AI interface in the lab is an interesting weird character...

The game visuals are quite nice in my opinion, if you like Japanese Role Play Games, pick this one up, is long, fun and entertaining yet I don't know why I still believe there is something missing, half way through I just got bored of fighting the same enemies again and again, so I put it down for a while, changed my approach and explored a bit more. Later on the game picks up its pace and is more entertaining.

Have fun!