Just Plain Wonderful & Amazing, It Will Make You Want More.

User Rating: 8 | Star Ocean: The Last Hope International PS3
What can i say about star ocean; the last hope...
Considering i never played the xbox360 version, this game was extremely amusing to me, provided me with one of the best jrpg's i've played in my lifetime.

The voice acting is just about terrible but the amazing graphics along with the fantastic gameplay and thrilling extras made this game, extremely thrilling.

The combat system is superb, allowing gamers to enjoy the wide range of attacks, each character has to give. The combat system is somewhat similar to FFXIII or the opposite way around considering star ocean came out first.

People say that the story is predictable, however i would beg a differ, i found the storyline very unique and different, not in many jrpg's or just rpg's would you find so many main good people die. The added toll's of death made this game different to what i would normally see in an rpg game. The extra's in this game also made this game what it is today, producing the amazing length of this game even vaster and giving us something new to enjoy.

Yes the save points tended to be far away or sometimes too close to each other but whether it was far or short, you would be addicted to the storyline making you want more and more and ending up losing track of time in your amazing quest to conquer the game.

I can't say this is the greatest jrpg i've played but final fantasy has always been a favorite of mine and maybe bias has something to do with my views. If anything between FFXIII & Star Ocean; The Last Hope, i would suggest anyone who has the choice to get FFXIII, it is just about 4 times better.