Star Ocean: The Last Hope feels kind of like Wow to me

User Rating: 7 | Star Ocean: The Last Hope X360
I have not beaten this game yet. I am only 15 hours in, and so far Star Ocean: The Last Hope sort of feels like I am playing WoW. Obviously these two games differ greatly in many aspects, but what I am getting at is that Star Ocean has a pretty addictive game play, but no story.

I really enjoy the whole combat system, and the graphics do look nice, but sometimes the overwhelming shininess of the visual graphics can dull the environment. Also the character design is not done very well in the cut scenes. I don't really mind that the characters look they are in an anime, but it seems as if there is no life in any of these characters.

My biggest issue with this game is the story. The concept of the plot is not bad. The problem is how the story is actually presented. I feel as if I am watching an anime show that was made for middle school kids. I find myself not really carrying at all for the characters or the story.

The good thing is the game play. I find it pretty addictive to level up and get new weapons, moves and armor. The free roaming combat is fun. If you can stomach the mediocre story, then this game is worth trying out.