One of the best JRPGs to grace the 360.

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Ocean: The Last Hope X360
Highly addictive gameplay combined with likable characters equals lots of playtime with the game. The areas are beautiful and truly looks next-gen. The voices are all great, really that's a matter of opinion, I can't speak for everyone. The only thing I found missing was an online component. Tri-ace could have easily installed an online verse mode. That would have add huge replay value. The battle system, as most know, stands out the most. The added features such as the the Rush Gage (Which can link character limit breaks similar to Final Fantasy 12), Blind Sight, which is a cool animation that catches the foe off guard if they target you, and the ability to jump have all made the battle gameplay solid. Item Creation also returns with the ability to create recipes, then create items and weapons when the needed components are available.