A JRPG like any other

User Rating: 6 | Star Ocean: The Last Hope International PS3
You know what to expect from Star Ocean the Last hope if you have even once played any other JRPG title. The story revolves around a kid who is saving the whole universe, which doesn't really make any sense as to why he would get accepted into an elite unit with a mission to find a new planet for humans to live on, let alone even becoming a captain of a star ship and saving the universe only because he was chosen to.

The whole plot is rather basic and once it evolves after 40 hours you simply stop caring as many of the scenes you will be seeing are overused immature anime cliches. Dialogues and voices are below average and will often make you wanna mute sound, if not skip cinematics that are far to often trivial and seem to just drag on forever.

The combat is the only highlight to this game. Its very dynamic and fast paced, where you have to keep moving, chaining combos and hitting the enemies weak spot if you want to win. Graphics are kinda pretty, but because characters lack any decent facial expressions makes them look more like dolls than living people.

If you get bored of the story (and you most certainly will) there are always many other side quests to solve, or items to create. But you wont really need any of the rewards they have to offer to finish the game, unless you wanna complete it to 100%. The game isn't really hard, except some of the bosses that you will encounter might require at least some degree of tactical approach and those hardcore optional ones after the story has ended which you most probably wont care to witness.

If you're looking for JRPG that offers many hours of fun battles, then Star Ocean is a decent choice, but if you're looking for a JRPG with a good story (and that's most probably why you play JRPGs in the first place) then do not buy this as you will be heavily disappointed.