Big fan of the series. I love the battle configuration

User Rating: 9 | Star Ocean: The Last Hope X360
I've been a big fan of Star Ocean since I borrowed my friend's SO3 game. I love the characters of the series all with their varying personalities.

Star Ocean is for serious rpgers. (if you want the most out of the game) You interact heavily with your team during the points that you are flying somewhere.

There are side missions and store missions that you can do while doing the main quest as well.
There's also an arena and an extra dungeon that Star Ocean fans should be familiar with (if they play the game after they finished that main game)

There are many hidden items and things here as well as much more humor in the cutscenes. The landscapes of all worlds are intense and imaginative.
The movements of this game compared to the previous game is much more improved. The one thing I will say is that they have a creepy doll like stare that can be a little unnerving. It also seemed to me like they just modified the characters from SO3.

The fun thing about being a Star Ocean fan is that you get the little thing that they talk about on Roak. I love how you dont' have to play the main character during battle and you can switch your party around. I don't like how that some backgrounds on characters aren't really shown (Arumat).

The most horrible thing about SO4 is that you have to switch CDs when you get to a certian point or want to go traveling to another planet. It's a pain the in the butt. It's also very hard to see on the last planet and sometimes the monsters can be a little hard on you.
All in all Star Ocean 4 is a great game for those who are serious about their RPGs and are willing to dedicate their time.