I need this game.....*grooling*

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Wow.. I was scaning an ebay shop for JRPGs when I found this game.

Never heard of it before, but ever since I got to look at it, photos, reviews, videos - I couldn't stop liking what I see.

A good old-fashioned RPG, that stays classic and fresh and the same time! I was looking for this kind of game for years.

Very hard to find decent and rewarding JRPGs in the last half a decade or more, especially for PS3 or PC..

The characters, the menus, the combat that everyone keep saying is so fun, challenging and never ever dull - and a story that most say is actually pretty good.

Long CG cutscenes - COUNT ME IN! I LOVE THOSE!!!!

I'm trying to get this game for less than 20 $ - was very hard so far..

I might be able to get it USED - is it ok to play this game USED? do you need an online pass or something?

Also, please tell me what you think of this game, I need further opionions! thanks!

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Buying it used is fine there is no online portion of the game whatsoever.  It's a great deal for 20 bucks.  I bought it for the xbox for 60 and the PS3 for 60 and it was money well spent both times.  You can easily put in 60+ hours.  There is a lot of content.  I really hope they make more JRPG's like this soon.

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Yeah thanks man - I got it for 19!

Hope it arrives soon - I can't wait - meanwhile I received Valkyria Chronicles to keep me busy!

I'm so excited. Was looking for a good JRPG for years, and looking at this game I feel like The Last Remnant, Final Fantasy 6 and a bunch of new stuff comes together...