Perhaps my personal favorite childhood game.

User Rating: 9 | Star Fox SNES
If there was a game that I remember from my childhood and enjoyed playing the most, it would definitely be Star Fox. I would frequently play this game only to die on the 2nd or 3rd stage. I was about 4 or 5 years old when I came across the game and was still beginning to immerse myself into the gaming world at the time, so any game would be challenging for me. A few years later, I managed to fully grasp the mechanics of gaming and was able to "beat" the game.

To this day however, I still see the game as rather challenging; playing the game from the central path is no problem for me, the left path is still a little difficult but I have beaten that as well, but it is the right path that is still rather hard. It has been a few years since I have played the game, largely due to my trustful SNES dying after a decade of service, so I can't say how well I'd do now but I haven't beat the game on the right track. I remember always being killed by the boss over Venom those targets are hard to hit and by the time I manage to destroy half of them, I'm one hit away from dying.

I suppose one of the things I remember the most from playing the game is the difficulty. If the game had a low difficulty setting or didn't go with the arcade style of "die three times=game over," then I would have less frustrating memories of the game. On the other hand, the difficulty of the game kept it from getting boring and always kept me on my toes.

I think that this game deserves some credit as being one of the first console games to use 3-D graphics effectivelly. All though there were a number of games set in 2-D that were visually superior, this game helped give rise to many of the great games we see today. There are times that I wish I could go back and play the game one more time, so I can't help feel that Star Fox is one of my all time favorites.