A full 3D Game on the SNES?Now that is truly impressive!

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Fox SNES
Fox the Fox, Peppy the Rabbit, Slippy the Frog/Toad & Falco the Eagle/ Falcon team up for the first time in a new game series created by Mr. Shigeru "the GOD" Miyamoto.A full 3 Dimensional Game on the SNES, the first Game to use the revolutionary Super FX Chip(to make the Genesis look like a wimper, hehe:)Tought it was the First 3D Game in the 16-bit era, it was not overal the first 3D Game ever made, no way!The only example that i have in mind of a 3D Game before Starfox is Alone in the Dark(1992) for PC.
These pet team members are piloting each a jet plane or jet fighter or whatever & their objective is to counter-attack Venom & destroy Andross.The player has 3 multiple paths to the planet Venom, each with 6-7 levels.The game desing overall is confusing so it has quite a hard gameplay.All you can see on the battlefield are diferent coloured blocks & very sharp looking enemies.Your weapons are the lasers & bombs+some few other power-ups.You get to maneuver the jet through tight spaces & perform 360 degrees moves.Each level has a quite impressive boss to battle at the end & Andross takes the cake of the game, he's in fact the most impressive part of Starfox-he is a giant panel that covers 75% of the screen & spits out debris.The music of this game represents one of the most memorable moments of the entire 16-bit era, the Corneria Theme from the first level is the most representative song of the entire 16-bit era.
Thank you Miyamoto, just thank you!