Basically a great demo that would later on show off one of the best games of all time, to many.

User Rating: 8 | Star Fox SNES
When I was a kid and I owned a Super Nintendo I did have Star Fox but I only beat the first level and could do nothing more, because it's quite a difficult game, so I decided to pick up today and see if I could beat it and I was successful, and I'll I can really say is that it's a really great game. Unfortunately there is no real story to it which is alright but a bit disappointing the only real story is that Star Fox is trying to safe their planet (Corneria) from Andross and his army.

Presentation: I don't think anyone would deny that this game may be the best graphical achievement in the 16 bit era of gaming, it's in 3d because of the famous Super FX chip which makes the game look like a 32 bit game it looks fantastic and at the time as I mentioned this looked amazing and no one had ever seen a game look like this. Simply put this may be the best presentation in 16 bit era of gaming everything looks good and is stylized great, you really feel like you are Immersed in a space ship in space, and that's why the presentation is so great.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great it's a 3d spaceshooter as I mentioned yet to be done by any game console and everything pretty much works well, the controls work great you can move side to side smoothly and you can use a barrel roll to move quickly away from enemy fire. Basically it's the Star fox you would expect you shoot down enemies and beat each level, nothing to complex. The boss battles were awesome and very fun, basically there is nothing too out of the ordinary when it comes to the gameplay but it makes for a lot of fun and most people will enjoy it.

Andross is the final boss he is very hard but a great boss battle once you defeat him you will get an ending with great music and they will show the enemy's. Nothing too special but you do feel a bit rewarded for beating the game. The game is pretty short but you do have three routes to complete each one a little more challenging than the other. So there isn't a whole lot of hours in this game but it's just all in good fun.

Overall Starfox was just the beginning of what was to come and everyone knows what I mean by that. Starfox may be nothing special compared to its 64 bit iteration but at the time it was something special, and I think most people still today would enjoy this game.