The SNES chugs out both excellent 3-D and, of course, an excellent game.

User Rating: 10 | Star Fox SNES
Before the great days of "Star Fox 64" came "Star Fox" for the Super Nintendo. For those who have never played the original, this may look unfamiliar because of the graphics. But it really is the same Star Fox we know and love. "Star Fox" can really only be described in one basic word: Awesome. This is a truly revolutionary title for the Super Nintendo, mainly for its innovative new Super FX technology allowing fantastic 3-D graphics on the system. Aside from the graphics was the excellent gameplay and story that were to follow many years to come. To put the story in a nutshell, it is a dynamic space adventure with animals on a mission to stop a mad monkey from gaining complete control of the universe. Unfortunately, this is really the only game in the series where Slippy is not annoying.

If you have never played this game, but did manage to play the remake Star Fox 64, then you'll be instantly familiar with the concept. You are in a ship automatically being pushed forward, in which all you have to do is move around the screen to dodge obstacles and fire at enemies. There are only four to five missions for each of the three paths, so unfortunately the game is short, but the game is still fun enough to replay again. The controls are very intuitive, incredibly smooth, and precise.

The level designs for the game are actually quite impressive for the time. The developers managed to put alot of time and effort into these stages and made sure to have variety in them. The enemy designs are also pretty creative as are the bosses, which can also be challenging. Just as good as the graphics is the incredible sound effects and music.

To sum things up:

-The Super FX chip gave us some of the best graphics the system had to offer.
-Control is precise
-Music and sound is amazing, especially for its time
-Slippy isn't annoying for once (and unfortunately only once)
-Story is creative
-Levels are imaginative and complex
-Bosses are cool looking and challenging

-Short game

While there aren't really a whole lot of Star Fox games to choose from, this revolutionary beginning is certainly one of the best in the series, and if there were to be more made in the future, they can really learn from this game.