An amazingly built interface takes Star Fox to a new level in his latest game.

User Rating: 9.3 | Star Fox Command DS
The Star Fox series has seem some great and terrible moments. Most people can agree it hasn't been the same since the version on the Nintendo 64. Few games have captured the excitement of the Star Fox universe the way the original SNES one did, as well as the N64 version.

Star Fox Command revamps the Star Fox universe and puts it in the palms of your hand. With the unique controls of the DS at your fingers, the controls of Star Fox actually seem to improve, making a game that not only has solid game play, but the most innovative use of the DS yet.

The days of Andross are long gone and a new threat threatens the Lylat system. The dangerous Anglars are launching an invasion that treatens to achieve the dream that Andross never could. Team Star Fox has long been disassembled, but the galaxy still needs saving. Star Fox will once again have to use all his abilities if he is to save the day.

Gameplay is simple, and broken down into two separate parts. The turn phase allows you to plot the movement of your squad. This is done on the bottom DS screen. Using the stylus, you simply touch the fighter you want to move and draw out their flight path using the stylus. You initially start with only Star Fox but you will get more pilots as the game goes on.

The second phase of the game involves actual battles. These occur when one of your pilots runs into an enemy squadron, or when you assault an enemy base. For this the action is highlighted on the top screen of the DS, giving you the classic view behind your fighter. On the bottom screen is a radar letting you know your position in relation to all the enemies in the sector. You're givin a "boss unit" to take out in the battle, but you are free to engage all units, as long as you do not run out of fuel, represented by the timer at the top of the top screen. To pilot your fighter's ship, all you do is move the stylus along the bottom screen. It takes some getting used to, but once you understand it you can navigate your airwing with ease. There are buttons on the bottom screen that you can press to do a loop or a quick turnaround, and you can also drop powerful bombs by dragging them onto the map where you want them to fall.

The controls sound complicated, but once you get used to them they really aren't.

Star Fox Command has all sorts of options. When you play through it the first time you have to follow a set path of events, and cannot make any decisions as to what path you want to take. However, once you beat the game once, you will be allowed to go back and make whatever choices you want. With nine different endings this is sure to keep you busy for awhile.

The fun doesn't stop there. Multiplayer in SFC is very well done. Up to six players can dogfight in insane DS Wireless Download action. You can also play online against 3 other pilots, using the Wi-Fi connection to find opponents.

There's a lot of fun to be had in Star Fox Command. Whether you're going back through it to unlock all the endings or taking the fight to Wi-Fi every night, Star Fox Command is one of the best DS titles out there to date, and has plenty to keep you busy as you enjoy this well done game.