Would been something good. But there is not enough content to make it worth buying.

User Rating: 5.5 | Star Fox Command DS
This is one of the other games that I got on my holiday. I can't remember when or where but I have a memory of playing the original Starfox game. It was a Sci-fi dog fighting game and it was really enjoyable. Starfox then came out on the DS so I was really eager to pick this game up. Unfortunately I found this game quite dull. There isn't just enough content in this game to make it worth playing.

The one thing that was disappointing for me was the lack of modes for single player. There is a story mode and level select for story mode. That's it! It is classified as an arcade shooter which made me think that there was going to be a lot more modes than this. Story mode takes you through the tale of Fox Mcloud and him trying to find his friends which consisted of a frog, falcon and a female fox while trying to stop an evil angler fish. By reading this you might of notice that the story isn't very interesting.

Gameplay in this is more strategic than I thought. You are given a map on the bottom screen of your DS. You can navigate your aircrafts, usually up to four, and draw a line from the ship to where you want to go. To finish a level you to collect all these items called battlecores and, sometimes, beat the boss at the end. How do you get battlecores.
You just have to defeat the enemies on the battlefield who has it. This system was alright, nothing special though.

When you encounter an enemy on the map it is time for battle time. You steer your aircraft with the stylus. You tap the top part of the screen twice to boost. You tap the bottom part of the screen twice to brake and you scratch the screen left to right to barrel roll which makes you absorb enemy attacks. Every other button on the DS is the fire button. Now since that you are only after specific enemies all the other enemies are pointless unless you want a high score. That also annoys me because it kind of makes me feel that a lot of stuff this game has, is pointless. Since you play as many different characters everyone's aircraft is different. Some of them can lock on their enemies while others can't, others can carry more bombs than other aircraft, some have more health, some can boost for longer. You get the idea. The gameplay is ok but most of the time it is just dull.

You can play through the main story very quickly but then you get the chance to play it again but you can choose the path of the story which will give you different playing grounds. There is also a level select mode to play past matches and try to get a higher score, but I had no real interest to go play them again. I had time to play the story again but in a different direction. The only thing it does is a chance to play some new characters. Since you can play the Story mode in so many different ways you get multiple endings. Yet again I am not really interested to get them all. There is a multiplayer mode but sadly I couldn't play it for this review. It's a shame because I think it would be pretty good to play with friends.

Starfox for DS has a very dull single player experience. All you do is the exactly the same thing throughout the game. It has lack of options for what to do. People who are interesting in buying this game, think about it for a minute. If you're going to play with friends then it might be worth it. But if your going to play it alone. Don't and just buy The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the same price.


It is ok

+ Interesting ideas
+ Interesting controls
+ Multiplayer might be interesting
- Story is not interesting
- Dull
- Not enough content