Starfox is a surprisingly good game. Often stylus conversions are fiddly and tiresome, but this works like a dream!

User Rating: 8.8 | Star Fox Command DS
It's a brilliant game! The controls work fantastically well, when often stylus conversions are complicated or too tiresome etc. But even though Starfox doesn't have a different control scheme (apart from being able to invert the stylus controls), it really doesn't matter. Maneuvering your ship through the wonderful landscapes, shooting down hugely different hordes of enemies couldn't feel more natural if you were piloting the ship for real. Not only is the gameplay and controls great, but this game is packed full of value and has a perfect learning vurve, letting time to adapt to the game before steeping up the difficulty. There are 9 different story endings and they all branch off from choices you yourself make, giving the game an extra burst of fascination and making it feel more like you are in command, which I suppose is the aim of the game if the name is any reference.
Not only this, but then they've stuffed in wifi mode and download play, which although doesn't have a very good variety of modes and choices, is still as addictive as the single player game. You constantly want to move up the rankings, which are weirdly designed. You start off at Z and slowly progress up the alphabet by collecting stars which are dropped when you kill another player. Finally, there's a gallery mode and training mode so you can view your past story enbdings and characters and train to improve your skills. If anyone doesn't believe me that this game is brilliant, they really should buy it, and if they do believe me, buy it anyway!