The first portable installment of Star Fox, the series is done proud by Fox McCloud and his team of colorful allies.

User Rating: 8.7 | Star Fox Command DS
You wouldn't think that arwing flight could be achieved anywhere except for on a console? I wouldn't blame you. Star Fox 64 and Assault were great for their time, and the Arwing control was seamless. Now, Star Fox makes it to the Nintendo DS, and, though the new controls are odd, they are easy to get used to. Using the stylus, you navigate your fighter up and down and side to side around a large area of play, using the buttons to shoot down your countless enemies.

The game has undergone what I like to call the "Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires transformation." Instead of just fighting, you now have to choose where you go to attack.

One thing that often does get annoying s that you not only have to kill the enemy, you have to prevent the Great Fox, your mothership, from being destroyed, which gets annoying as you follow countless missles through their trails.

There is a time limit system, but you can get many powerups so that it is less of a problem. The game is realtively easy, and after you beat it once you are able to carve your own path through space, choosing alternate quest lines.

The graphics are not much to look at, but they aren't unbearable either. The score from the original Star Fox is here, and that score was one of the best of its time.

The online play is seamless. Choose a battle royale to build your Wi-Fi ranking, or just choose a free battle. The Wi-Fi is glitchless, and is filled with many items and upgrades to keep the fun going.

The only thing that may irritate classic SF fans is that you have to not only kill the enemies, but collect the stars-shaped cores as well.

Overall, SF Command is a solid, excellent space shooter for the portable generation.