the best thing about this game is its multiplayer and online play.

User Rating: 8.6 | Star Fox Command DS
fox mccloud is back in his ship like in starfox 64. In this game fox isnt on land and air like his last game on the game cube in this game its classic starfox action. there are alot of players you ca control first is fox, falco, slippy, and alot more. before you get into an aircraft fight there a thing you need to do on the touch screen where you take turns from your side and the bad side and you move whats spaceship you want with the stylus its kind of like a board game. wich i think is completeley ussuals in that game but ounce you do that it is a very fun game controlling your ship with the stylus and makeing circles to barrel role. and the L button to shoot you can also charge up the laser and lock on. there are also very fun boss battles in some of the levels. some of the things i dont like about this game is that it is repettetive and the board game thing you need to do before each fight but anyways this game is very good.

but the best thing about this game is its multiplayer/online play its very fun you can play against your friends or anyone online. Online you vs. 4 other people online in a level and you try to shoot the other aircrafts down and this is probbaly one of the best multiplayer/online games on the ds with mariokart ds and metroid prime hunters. well thanks for reading