starfox command for the ds is like the n64 version but lagging in important features its n64 version had eg(voices).

User Rating: 7 | Star Fox Command DS
i played star fox command for little over 17 hours before i got bored of it cause i found one part i couldn't pass (eg the boss that is a frog that wont stay dead). u can find urself playing singleplayer lots of times cause later after the second time ur playing u get keys unlock new areas and wierd bosses. the bad thing about the game is the voices sound like a hamster chewing on something. in the options u can try to get ur voice to be 1 of the characters but u dont really hear the difference (the only good thing about it is u get to hear ur voice as a chickmonk. eg the controls are hard at first but u get used to them (i would of prefered the dpad and buttons instead of the touch screen.

the multiplayer wifi is good for a while but u find urself playing singleplayer again because multiplayer gets boring real fast (the creaters should of added more stuff in the multi area).

overall the game is okay to buy and play.