Good story line but needs to be longer. As for multiplyer, Its alright but could use work.

User Rating: 7 | Star Fox: Assault GC
Starfox Assault. Sounded cool; it sorta is.
I beat the single player in about a week, not to say that it isnt challenging; its really hard to try to get all the medals and special flags. You're going need a guide without a doubt for this challenge. Hard as heck without one. It could definitely use co-op, it would make this game 10X more fun than it is.
Now for multi-player, Its not as great as I anticipated. They could make it to where at least you could add CPUs so you can play by yourself. On the different modes where you have unlimited ammo for a certain weapon, especially for the mode with the sniper rifle, they could equip you with a blaster at least. For other drawbacks: when you type in a name for a file you can't delete it; wolf is obviously the strongest character (his stats are higher than everyone else's; the Sargasso hideout could be outside and inside on the same level, could also include the uppermost level; could have made team battles where you select a team color instead of having to switch the controllers around all the time.

Overview: Really fun if you want to play by yourself...not so fun if you're going to play with other people.

Induvidual Scoring:
Single Player: 8.5
Multi-player: 5.5