a dissapointing single player but more than makes up for it in multiplayer

User Rating: 8 | Star Fox: Assault GC
what do you get from the single player.... the shortest one ever with almost no point at all of ever playing it again. but since we got that crap out of the the way we can now look at more positive sides of the game. for one, the multiplayer was one of the best i have ever played (next to gears of war and perfect dark for N64) the reason it is not the best though is that there are no computers to fight against if no friends are around. but if they are you have a majorly impressive multiplayer. because the stages are big (in a good way) great weapons (my favorite is the huge bomb), more unlockables than any other multiplayer i have ever played in my life, lots of characters, lots of stages, and lots of differnt modes to play in. and my favorite part of all is the vehicles and r wings and wolfins. so that is why the multiplayer holds this game up for an eight, but i am still really dissapointed of the really crappy single player with only ten missions!