Assault has got most of the old combat right, but the new ground combat doesn't feel as fitting to the series.

User Rating: 8 | Star Fox: Assault GC
Star Fox is one of the many franchises found in Nintendo's long list of top notch games. Fox, the main character, and his crew are now back on the gamecube for another showing of shooting goodness. But this time, Nintendo has made some changes from the previous titles.

The games most important change is the newly added ground combat. Since the series has previously revolved around air-based combat, this is a totaly new area for Star Fox. You control Fox from a third person perspective for ground combat. but unfortunatly the combat doesn't fell right. The enemies are for one, way too easy. Second, the gameplay feels to repetitive and can get boring once your a bit into the game. But aside from that, the air battles for the game are as intense and great as ever before. When your controlling an Arwing in Assault, it can really give you a feeling like the old Star Fox's used to bring. So overall the gameplay is average.

Everything else is just about the same. The multiplayer is just ok, it would have been great with online though. The graphics are alright as well. So pretty much everything is average.

My score: 8.0 out of 10