Multiplayer is where it is at!

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Fox: Assault GC
Like I stated in the beginning,great multiplayer.I at first thought that the multiplayer was going to be like any old one on the gamecube,were the multiplayer was kinda just a (sorry melee) piece of garbage.Then I played it,it seems like that was there main focus in the game...Of course it has a cool story with possibly the most darkest of star fox stories ever.It still offers extremley cool gameplay and as always,great vechile combat,a given in star fox game.I would recomend this to any who have a ton of friends and they all like to kill each other with tanks and rockets.The unfourtanant side is that the story is slightly shorter than,say,star fox 64 and that kinda dissapointed.Other than that,one of my many favorite games,and one of nintendo's very best games,hence the "best seller" seal.