This game will make you say wow in seven different ways!

User Rating: 10 | Star Fox: Assault GC
This game is so awesome I have played this game with my brother so much and I personally can say that i won't stop anytime soon because of how awesome it is, the story mode is ok and weird but the multi player is the golden point of this game.

You story mode is like any other starfox game, mostly a shoot em up style game but in your arwing, and this awesome game even lets you roam some levels on foot, how cool is that? and if that isnt enough, in multi player theres tons of weapons, 2 vehicles, the land master and the arwing, and you can un-lock levels. There is also a mind blowing amount of levels some of wich suck and most are awesome, like the huge forest level, i mean wow that level is huge but every single corner of that level is worth finding. This game i almost and i mean its very close to brawl, i like it almost more than smash bros. brawl. Is that to hard to believe then play the game or ask other people who have taken time to marvel at that awesome game. So play it now, try it and tell me if you liked it or not.